The all new, fully customizable

Navitas X4

2, 4, or 6 seats. All electric.

Starting at $11,999 or $199/mo with select financing plans.


The best

fully customizable



golf cart.


Endless possibilities.

1000s of configurations.


Room for everyone.

Or just a plus one.

  • 2 seats

  • 4 seats

    2 forward-facing
    2 rear-facing

  • 4 seats

    4 forward-facing

  • 6 seats

    4 forward-facing
    2 rear facing


Electrify your ride.

Go anywhere.

  • Lithium

    Up to 150 Ah of power.

  • Lead Acid

    Affordable and reliable.


Express yourself.

9 attention-grabbing colors.

  • Charcoal

  • White

  • Metallic Cherry Red

  • Seastorm

  • Cement Grey

  • Forest Green

  • Silver

  • Admiral Blue

  • Black

  • Drive today. Pay later.

    Choose buy now, pay later when you check out.

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  • Flexible Financing

    Finance with the Golf Cart Dealership to get the lowest monthly payments.

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  • Nationwide Delivery

    Get your new golf cart delivered to your doorstep. Seriously.

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